Square Meters Facility

LYDIA BEDDING, Team Of Professionals

LYDIA BEDDING, located in İzmir's Torbalı-Ayrancılar, is a pioneering factory that redefines mattress and headboard & base production.

Located at Kazim Karabekir Mahallesi, Bekir Saydam Caddesi No:77, Our sprawling facility boasts the latest in technological advancements and precision machinery, manned by a team of skilled artisans and technicians who epitomize excellence in every task they undertake.

In here, dreams of restful nights are woven into reality.

We Are Partnering With Our Clients

Yet, beyond the machinery and materials, our factory pulses with creativity and collaboration. Guided by a team of passionate professionals, each product that emerges from our factory embodies the essence of luxury and comfort.

Creating a Sustainable Future

At LYDIA BEDDING eco-friendly production methods and responsible sourcing of materials are not just ideals; they're integral parts of our ethos.

We believe in leaving a positive impact on the environment and society while crafting the finest bedding solutions.